Aug 4, 2013

Films from Summer 2013

1. The Reader 2008
If you like heavy, oppressive mood and multi-layered story telling this one definitely wins the cake. I loved the surprise factor and marveled at how cleverly the story was told. I did a little background digging into the actual story, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the novelist really intentionally alluded to historical examination of the Nazi era by the post-generations. It was a clever way of using the novel medium to get a big message out... very 'ballsy' and amazingly crafted... Great edited film too.

2. In the House 2013
Clever storytelling with an interesting 'window' into voyeuristic tendencies we have of ordinary characters and families... I wish I had seen it at a theater, but still, the intention of the film maker came across pretty clear. Not as deep as 'The Reader' but an interesting 'slice of life' type feel on a more contemporary set up...
Has a little bit of 'coming of age' component feel as well as the nature of 'fiction' or 'fictionalizing' everyday events...

3. The Artist 2011
OK, so this is a real gem... It is a very rare combination that strikes a perfect balance with things both historical/now, visual/non visual, it is about romance and comedy, as well as one of a man coming to mature into a more mature and less ego-driven self. Most of all, it is so smart in many ways with big messages, but it maintains its measure of humor and allure, and definite entertainment value!

4. A Dangerous Method 2011
A snippet of Carl Jung's life... The details really helped convey the story, not 100% sold on Keira Knightley's acting... but overall, it was highly watchable and it got me to read more about Carl Jung afterwards. One slightness though comes from the feeling that it only got to show one of his mistresses and heavily centered around her story, rather than it being focused more on Jung's perspective and his position and 'method.'

OK. These are my roundups so far...
The monsoon season is upon us, so I'm spending my leisure time watching movies and films this summer!

Bonne vacances, tout le monde!