Nov 25, 2009

the use of *yellow* in Lichtenstein & Keith Haring

These are instances of my two fave *yellows* in the entire history of art!
They are both *pure* yellows, so cheerful, and they make me happy! :D

Nov 24, 2009

the Lost Boys of Peter Pan

I just remembered the scene where Wendy first meets the Lost Boys.
These Lost Boys really are so compellingly drawn!
I adore them so!
What with their fur-bodysuits and totally *cute* gestures & expressions!
They are so *complete*!

Nov 6, 2009

Dans Moi - Alex Cousseau & Kitty Crowther

This is a delightful book with such perfect words & images!

Discovered at an illustration exhibit in Seoul some months ago...

For a little more info: