Sep 28, 2007

graphic thought facility -


I got to know of Graphic Thought Facility during the workshop "AG Ideas" in Melbourne, Auzzie. It's a UK based firm and I was mesmerized by the calm, reflective presentation delivered. The works held the same resonance, and though I know little of their actual design process, it feels like each project is well conceptualized, well executed, and the body of work together tell a holistic and believable design approach, or should I say "philosophy."

Feb 3, 2007

Xiong Yu

Scenery of the Back


Wall Without Window

The Sky Mourned in Silence

The Plain Hovering

Xiong Yu

Surprise Rabbit

May 15 of Mine

Puzzled 1

Puzzled 2

Puzzled 3

More of Xiong Yu's work -
from Canvasor site.

Xiong Yu

Silent Water

Flickering Trees

Gliding Flying Fish

Light of Heaven

Monolog of the Shadow

These were shown in a gallery in Seoul.
I just saw them few days ago -
they were mind blowing and soooo refreshing.
I don't even have words for them.
The figures look a lot like ET.
Loved the feel of all of them.

Some day, I want to paint like this -
intense, strange, meditated.