Jan 5, 2017

Modern Christian Artists Series - Makoto Fujimura

These two really stood out for me...
They are well executed and well appropriated!

More of his splendid works here: http://www.makotofujimura.com/works/

Walking on Water - Flight
Makoto Fujimura

Walking on Water - Waves
Makoto Fujimura

Walking on Water - Banquo's Dream
Makoto Fujimura

Public Commissions

Golden Pine, 1999
Mineral Pigment and Gold on Kumohada, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

Makoto Fujimura

Still Point - Evening
Mineral Pigments, Gold on Kumohada, Collection on Kikkoman Corporation, Tokyo

Makoto Fujimura

Modern Byzatine Paintings by Fikos ::: Contemporary Christian Artists Series

I was looking up contemporary Christian artists tonight, and was quite delighted to find Fikos. This was the description of him, as found on http://christianmodernart.com -

Fikos – Artist Fikos is from Greece. 
His art combines Byzantine painting with contemporary art movements 
and is also presented in urban space.

Eros Thanatos by Fikos
Solo Exhibit in Turin, Italy

Fikos was born in 1987 in Athens where he still lives. From a young age he painted whatever he saw around him, such as comics, landscapes icons and more.

At the age of 13 he started studying Byzantine painting under the guidance of George Kordis, with whom he also collaborated professionally for 5 years painting murals in Orthodox churches, while at the same time developing his own personal painting style.

In terms of technique, his portable icons are painted using egg tempera on handmade Japanese paper which is glued onto wood, and his murals are painted in acrylics.

Eros by Fikos
Solo Exhibit in Turin, Italy

Having a background as a graffiti artist and an iconographer in Orthodox Christian churches, Fikos is continuing his developmental journey by painting murals in public places. The value of these works is exceptional, because it is the first time that the monumental byzantine technique meets a contemporary movement such as street art.

The themes of his murals emanate from the Orthodox Christian tradition and ancient Greek mythology respectively and they are related to the places where they are presented, but also didactic.

Those Who Didn't Bear the Light by Fikos

Solo Exhibit in Turin, Italy

Fikos’ painting is not just another artist’s “self-expression”, but a social event a true “creation” (“demiurgia” = demos “citizens” + ergon “work” – a work for the citizens-society

Besides Greece, his work has been exhibited in France, Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Ukraine, Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland, Norway and Mexico, in exhibitions and museums, television and radio and in private and public places.

Fikos’ vision is the popularization and recognition of contemporary Greek painting at an international level, not as a nostalgic accomplishment of the past, but as a contemporary universal event.

Jan 3, 2017

Early Christian Symbolism - What the Peacock Represents

So a few nights ago, I started looking up 'Sublime Art' which led to the previous digital artist, 'Fantasio'... which led to Japonism and peacocks. 

Here is an example of peacocks being used as a symbol of immortality which Jesus has gifted us, or which he embodies as Christ the Savior. I like the use of negative space with the peacocks being nested in them, with Jesus's arms stretched out, embracing all of the world. 

More evidence to the first image... Peacocks are such dazzling birds, it is no wonder that an artist would choose them to 'Glorify God' ... It is interesting too that it was believed that peacocks' flesh would not rot or perish! Further reinforcing the message of immortality.

Below, a more rustic version with peacocks sitting atop the dome... This one is more Catholic with Mary being the central figure, not Jesus by himself.

* * *

So, going back to my initial findings... Gorgeous gold and black, with a little bit of green... these quadrilateral panels exude something of that Excelsior vibe... 

Below, The Peacock Room in Washington DC by Whistler... Another drools-worthy imagery... 

Here is another 'sublime' type of painting... but with a pronounced orange-gold tone sharply contrasting against the green-blue of the body. It is exquisite and heavenly...

This last one is another jewel! I love the color palette being so restricted; austere yet glamorous... Usually this color combination is found in Egyptian pottery and crafts, but Japan and Korea also uses these colors in their art. Klimt would have painted this :P 

OK. That's all for this evening~

Happy Inspired 2017!

Fantasio's Haunting Scene ::: Digital Artist Oliver Wetter

Recently, I learnt about Soul Languages and my business soul language has a Raven mentioned... 

Maybe it is that, but whatever the issue, I am really drawn to this art. There is something haunting and evocative about it. It feels 'authentic' to me. :) 

The Art of Fantasio – Oliver Wetter

German artist Oliver Wetter also known as Fantasio creates beautiful fantasy themed artwork and imagery for book covers and publishing. Oliver Wetter’s specialty is creating dark figurative portraits using a mixture of photography, sculpture, painting and digital image making. In our selection of favourite images from the artist below, we have a whole harem of bizarre and twisted fantasy females – part machine, part alien and part scarey but all strangely attractive! 

To view more of Oliver ‘Fantasio’ Wetter’s imaginative illustrations and fine art creations we ask you visit his homepage at www.fantasio.infoand on DA at fantasio.deviantart.com

Oct 2, 2016

Remedios Varo

Thanks to Jonathan Gray on Facebook, I was introduced to Remedios Varo's various works. It's really hard to choose favorite ones. Her entire collection is of a high quality.

There is this mystical, enigmatic quality, unsurpassed charm... You know a work of art is great if it makes you think hard for the just right diction. 

Gorgeous Cat Illustrations in a Book by Ms. Cat - a Taiwanese Author

I was at the bookstore yesterday and chanced upon a most charming illustrated book.
Here are the delightful images by Ms. Cat.

Most of the images are in my book, which is a first Ms. Cat book for Koreans!
I am sampling six of her more finished illustrations from her blog.

Jul 6, 2014

[Contemporary Art] Paintings by Andrew Crane

Facebook is just one of those things that connects you to *alive* artists.
Here are some paintings by Mr. Andrew Crane of UK.

It's been such a pleasure viewing his updates!
And I felt it was time, I shared them with the *world* outside of Facebook webz!

[ V a l k y r i e ]
oil, house paint and graphite on paper
14 x 15½ inches | 2014

[ blue sky ]
oil and acrylic on paper
21 x 32 inches | 2014

[ 21 or 22 maybes ]
oil and house paint on canvas
48¼ x 38 inches | 2014

[ Jonas gets things moving ]
acrylic, house paint and chalk on paper
12 x 12 inches | 2014

[ alleluia ]
plaster, paint and graphite on paper
13 x 20½ inches | 2014

[ cement sketch ]
cement and paint on canvas
20 x 24 inches | 2014

* * *

What I appreciate most about his works is a kind of Evocation that takes you on a journey towards your stored memories. The markings are territorial yet transient. They are about identities or entities emerging - disappearing - fading - lost.

It's also a genius combination of colors that one will not tire of, but the deceptively translucent quality skimming the surface of the canvas scape seems to make mockery out of the heaviness or somber quality of the tonal values.

I can actually imagine each one of these paintings on a Tshirt... :-P

I for one would LOVE to wear these, if they were well proportioned with the right level of texture and fabric weight.

I think the last four would definitely look great as Tshirts. I should probably be my *cheeky* self and ask Mr Crane if that would be OK with him?

They remind me so much about my upbringing...

Much love to you, Inspirati companions!



May 18, 2014

Character Illustration: Pucca & Garu's Funny Love

Pucca main character, ninja-girl

Pucca & friends collectively

A mini-book

Stickers or paper sheets could be made like this

Foldable stationery or box

Looks like a still from an animation

Great for avatars also

e-Card or backgrounds

Pucca maid character & SNS game

Pucca pillow & cushion, home decoration/soft furnishings

e-Card, paper cards

More information on Pucca character: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pucca

Aug 4, 2013

Films from Summer 2013

1. The Reader 2008
If you like heavy, oppressive mood and multi-layered story telling this one definitely wins the cake. I loved the surprise factor and marveled at how cleverly the story was told. I did a little background digging into the actual story, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the novelist really intentionally alluded to historical examination of the Nazi era by the post-generations. It was a clever way of using the novel medium to get a big message out... very 'ballsy' and amazingly crafted... Great edited film too.

2. In the House 2013
Clever storytelling with an interesting 'window' into voyeuristic tendencies we have of ordinary characters and families... I wish I had seen it at a theater, but still, the intention of the film maker came across pretty clear. Not as deep as 'The Reader' but an interesting 'slice of life' type feel on a more contemporary set up...
Has a little bit of 'coming of age' component feel as well as the nature of 'fiction' or 'fictionalizing' everyday events...

3. The Artist 2011
OK, so this is a real gem... It is a very rare combination that strikes a perfect balance with things both historical/now, visual/non visual, it is about romance and comedy, as well as one of a man coming to mature into a more mature and less ego-driven self. Most of all, it is so smart in many ways with big messages, but it maintains its measure of humor and allure, and definite entertainment value!

4. A Dangerous Method 2011
A snippet of Carl Jung's life... The details really helped convey the story, not 100% sold on Keira Knightley's acting... but overall, it was highly watchable and it got me to read more about Carl Jung afterwards. One slightness though comes from the feeling that it only got to show one of his mistresses and heavily centered around her story, rather than it being focused more on Jung's perspective and his position and 'method.'

OK. These are my roundups so far...
The monsoon season is upon us, so I'm spending my leisure time watching movies and films this summer!

Bonne vacances, tout le monde!